8th Edition of Biovision World Life Sciences Forum

Lyon, 24-26 March 2013, 8th Edition of Biovision World Life Sciences Forum, Biovision is a three-day international Forum, held in Lyon every two years.  It fosters a productive dialogue on Life Sciences discoveries and their impact on society and citizens, through debates with all stakeholders: academia, private sector, policy makers and civil society representatives.  Topics include the most recent advances in Life Sciences as well as global issues in health, nutrition and environment.

For 2013, we want, in addition, to leverage BioVision as an action catalyzer, fostering collaboration integrating innovation and accelerating the emergence of solutions for the benefit of citizens.  Reflecting this positioning, our theme will be “From Life Sciences to Sciences for Life”, which will be declined in 6 focuses.

– “Microorganisms: risks and opportunities for human beings”

– “Feeding the planet without consuming it”

– “Can Science and Health Benefit from Collective Intelligence?”

– “Improving Human Capacities”

– “Same Medicine for All?”

– “Can we Escape Lifestyle Diseases?”

Each focus includes a “Prospective Lab” to share a prospective vision, and a “Collaboration Catalyser” to identify innovation projects and build actions plans.

New in 2013, we will also have a special country focus on Brazil.

If you want more information about this forum, click here.