About the Symposia

Following an annual tradition, the European Academy of Sciences (EURASC) organizes each year, late October, a Ceremony of Awards honouring scientists for their works in different fields of science. The ceremony, hosted in a European University, is generally coupled with a one-day symposium focussing on a subject of general interest. The speakers, not necessarily EURASC members, are invited to give talks accessible to a multidisciplinary scientific audience. The main purpose of the event is to allow our members and guest scientists, to learn, discuss and exchange ideas on subjects of interest for eventual collaborations but also for dissemination in the public and among the European leaders, which is one of the mission of the Academy. Industrial companies are also represented with a few talks given by applied research authorities. The purpose is to show how innovative research is transformed into a product, which is also a source of crucial discussions, exchange of ideas and dissemination of innovation models.