About the Symposia

Continuing its annual tradition, the European Academy of Sciences (EurASc) hosts a Ceremony of Awards every late October, recognizing scientists for their outstanding contributions across various scientific fields. This prestigious event takes place at an European University and is complemented by a one-day symposium dedicated to a topic of broad scientific interest. Esteemed speakers, whether EurASc Members or not, are invited to deliver talks designed to engage a multidisciplinary audience.
The primary aim of the symposium is to facilitate knowledge sharing, discussions, and idea exchange among our members, guest scientists, and attendees, fostering potential collaborations. Moreover, it serves as a platform for disseminating scientific advancements to the public and European leaders, aligning with the Academy’s mission.

Additionally, industrial partners play a vital role in the symposium, with select talks delivered by authorities in applied research. These presentations showcase the journey of innovative research from conception to product development, stimulating crucial discussions, idea exchange, and the dissemination of innovative models.

We welcome proposals for organizing future events, and interested parties are encouraged to fill out the available form here.

Symposia editions