Alario-Franco 2 nd International Symposium on Solid-State Chemistry for Applications & Sustainable Development

On Nov.27 – Dec.1, 2022 the “Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit” will take place at Hilton Phuket Arcadia, Thailand ( . This multidisciplinary summit is organized by the not-for-profit corporation FLOGEN Stars Outreach, which is dedicated to achieving sustainability through science and technology applied in various fields. Until now the participation of

9 Nobel Laureates has been confirmed and 500 confirmations and proposals have been already received.

Among several symposia that will take place during this Summit , the “2 nd International Symposium on Solid-State Chemistry for Applications & Sustainable Development” will honor Prof. Miguel Alario y Franco, Emeritus Professor at Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain, former President of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain and EurASc Fellow.

This major symposium focuses on solid-state chemistry and illustrates the relationships occurring between the synthesis, structure, and physical-chemical properties of solid inorganic compounds, leading to a final material with optimized properties such as advances in the synthesis routes, design of materials for sustainable energy production, advanced characterization techniques and applications, etc.

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