Become a Member

The general criteria for admission is international peer recognition (see the Nomination Form bellow).

**Only Fellows of the European Academy of Sciences can nominate possible new members**

The required documents should be delivered to EurASc Secretariat by submitting in the personal area of each member. However, the traditional method of sending nomination forms to the mailbox will still be available for those who prefer it.

A nomination can be sent anytime during the year, however, as there are now two periods of election for each division, please note that the file should arrive in due time (at least in the month prior to the voting month) in order for the Scientific Committee to be able to examine the nominations before submitting it to the votes of the General Board.

Voting Periods of the General Board:

      • February : Computer & Materials
      • March : Engineering & Maths
      • April : Earth & Medicine
      • May :  Chemistry & Physics
      • June : Computer & Materials & Social
      • July : Engineering & Maths
      • August : Earth & Medicine
      • September :  Physics
      • November : Chemistry & Social 


The Academy elects its Members based on their scientific merits and contributions to science.

EurASc Membership is open to:
(i) Nationals of Europe, or non-European Nationals working for more than five years in Europe, who shall be elected as `Member´ or ‘Fellow’, ‘Honorary Member’, or ‘Guest Member’;
(ii) Non-European scientists of exceptional talent who, by virtue of their prestige and scientific accomplishment, bring additional expertise to EurASc, who shall be elected as `Non-European Member´.

NOTE: Each Division shall have at least 75% of (i) category’s Members, Honorary Members, and Guest Members. If the required proportion is not reached in a Division, the nomination of non-European members in that Division is postponed.


If you want to nominate a candidate, please download and complete the Nomination Form

Nomination Form