Call for nominations – Awards 2023

Dear Academicians,

You are invited to nominate candidates for the Blaise Pascal Medals and the Leonardo da Vinci Award. You can nominate members of the European Academy of Sciences or non-members.

Up to 6 Blaise Pascal Medals can be awarded, after proper selection within the scientific committee of each division and only one Leonardo da Vinci is awarded, to be selected by presidium, after propositions made by the different divisions.

The nominations files should be sent each to the head of the concerned division. Each file must be combined in 1 PDF and contain :

  • CV of the nominee : maximum 5 pages;
  • Letter(s) of nomination : 1 or 2 pages;
  • 2 support letters : maximum 2 pages for each

    (please note that each letter should be written from a different person – the nominator cannot write them all).

Heads of divisions:

 The applications deadline is on April 30th, 2023.

The elections will begin on May 1st, 2023 and end on May 31st, 2023.