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Head of Division : March 2020 - March 2024

Prof. Jose Antonio Carrillo - United Kingdom


José A. Carrillo is currently Professor of the Analysis of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford and Tutorial Fellow in Applied Mathematics at The Queen’s College. He works on kinetic equations, nonlinear nonlocal diffusion equations. He has contributed to the theoretical and numerical analysis of PDEs, and their simulation in different applications such as granular media, semiconductors and lately in collective behaviour. His main scholarship contributions in Analysis of PDEs are in aggregation-diffusion problems: nonlinear Fokker-Planck type equations; the use of optimal transport techniques and entropy methods to analyse theoretically and numerically gradient-flow structures for PDEs and their singularities; the analysis of kinetic models for self-organization, and their implications in mathematical biology, control engineering and global optimization.He served as chair of the Applied Mathematics Committee of the European Mathematical Society 2014-2017. He was the chair of the 2018 Year of Mathematical Biology. He was the Program Director of the SIAM activity group in Analysis of PDE 2019-2020. He has been elected as Foreign Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain in 2021 and SIAM Fellow Class in 2019. He was recognised with the SEMA prize (2003) and the GAMM Richard Von-Mises prize (2006) for young researchers. He was a recipient of a Wolfson Research Merit Award by the Royal Society 2012-2017. He has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant 2019 to pursue his investigations in complex particle dynamics: phase transitions, patterns, and synchronization.

Officer : March 2023 - March 2027

Prof. Pavel Exner - Czech Republic


Pavel Exner is currently Scientific Director of the Doppler Institute for Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He works on mathematical problems of the quantum theory, in particular, spectral and scattering properties of quantum waveguides, quantum mechanics on graphs and manifolds, decay and resonance effects. His main scholarship contributions in mathematical physics concerned geometrically induced effects in quantum waveguides and layers, guided dynamics described by singular Schrödinger operators, approximations of quantum graph vertex couplings, strongly singular Wannier-Stark systems, Zeno dynamics, path integrals for open quantum systems, and analysis of Dirac operators with singular interactions. He supervised a number of students, undergraduate and postgraduate, and postdocs.


He served as Secretary and President of the International Association of Mathematical Physics (2006-2011), and as Vice-President (2005-2010) and President (2015-2018) of the European Mathematical Society. He is a founding member of the European Research Council and served as its Vice-President in 2011-2014. He was recognized, inter alia, by the JINR Prize (1985) and Neuron Prize (2016). He is a member of Academia Europaea, foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and honorary member of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society.

Officer : March 2023 - March 2027

Prof. Helge Holden - Norway


Officer : March 2023 - March 2027

Prof. Sylvie Meleard - France


Officer : March 2023 - March 2027

Prof. Anna Wienhard - Germany