EURASC Awardees – Leonardo da Vinci Award

The European Academy of Sciences established the Leonardo da Vinci Award in 2009 for Outstanding Lifelong Achievement.

One Award is attributed  per year.


Nomination Procedure:

1. Nominations for the Leonardo da Vinci Award are invited from Fellows or Honorary Members of the Academy.

2. Members or non-members of the European Academy of Sciences are eligible.

3. The Award will consist of an engraved crystal piece and a Certificate.

4. The Award recognises an outstanding lifelong achievement.

5. The Leonardo da Vinci Awardee will be selected by the Presidium of the European Academy of Sciences.

To nominate a candidate, please ensure that the complete form and supporting documentation are submitted in members’ personal areas. Note that traditional method of sending nomination forms to the mailbox will still be available.

Nominations should be submitted before 29th of February; votes within the Presidium should be completed by 30th April; results should be made public in May.

Junuthula N. Reddy

Junuthula N. Reddy