EURASC congratulates Elvira Fortunato for her recent achievements and commitments

Elvira Fortunato, fellow of the European Academy of Sciences and Officer of the Materials Science division, was elected by the present Presidency of the European Union, the French government, one of the 27 inspiring women from Europe (Youtube: PFUE2022 Portugal : Elvira Fortunato, scientifique). (see also Ouest France and French presidency site

The French Presidency selected one woman for each Member State and 27 videos were made in which these women talk about Europe and the very diverse activities in which they have excelled. They are physicists, songwriters, chefs, activists, police inspectors, top athletes, and they all have brilliant professional careers.

Moreover, Elvira Fortunato was named Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education of the new Portuguese Government, stating functions on March 30th. For all these achievements, EURASC congratulates her and is proud of having as fellows such distinguished personalities.