EurASc supports IPOS, the new International Panel for Ocean Sustainability

Following the One Ocean Summit, held in Brest (France) in February 2022, to give the ocean a top visibility in the Conference of Parties related to climate change and biodiversity, Françoise Gaill (CNRS) took the initiative to launch IPOS (International Panel for Ocean Sustainability) which is aligned with the ‘United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. IPOS is as a multi-stakeholder international platform bridgingaltogether ocean knowledge holders. To bring about lasting and transformative changes for the future of oceans, IPOS is building a transdisciplinary interface promoting the circulation of knowledge between science, society, and policymakers. 

0n 18-19 April 2023 in Brussels, together with 16 other scientific institutions gathered in a Coalition of Scientific Institutions (CSI), EurASc signed the «Brussels Statement » in support of the creation of IPOS. (See HERE)

The EU’s agenda on International Ocean Governance (2022) encourages the creation of IPOS. The Seascape Assessment report commissioned by DG MARE analyses organizations, both global and European, that provide information about the state of the ocean. (See HERE)

On November 14th, the Consortium of Scientific Institutions supporting IPOS held a visioconference  to share with the IPOS team an update on the IPOS developments of the last months as well as the IPOS team point of view regarding the structure and role of the Coalition of Scientific Institutions (CSI).  

On November 15th 2023 held at the European Parliament a hybrid event dealing with the presentation of IPOS, as a scientific keystone supporting sustainable ocean policies. EurASctook part to this event. (See HERE)

So, IPOS is now preparing the Science conference of the United Nation Ocean Conference to be held in Nice in June 2025 where IPOS will be officialy created under umbrella of the United Nations. Our academy will take part in this conference.