First International Forum on Advanced Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing 

In the frame of the conference Advanced Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, organized under the auspicious of the Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, the EurASc delegation composed of the president, the vice president and the heads of Materials, Chemistry and Life Science Divisions met with members of CAS, as well with EurASc fellow, Professor Alan Lau, president of the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong.

During the forum, there was opportunity to introduce EurASc to all attendees, including high-ranking authorities of the university and of the province.

The topics of the talks given by EurASc members were:


  • Responsible electronics beyond silicon (R. Martins);
  • Nanomaterials for Advanced Energy; electronics and Photonics Applications (A. Tressaud); 
  • Metal Ligant cooperativity in molecular chemistry (P. Braunstein); 
  • Intelligent Biomaterials: How nature can be transformed or mimicked for Revolutionary Medical and Energy Applications (D. Scherman);
  • Multifunctional Materials for Emerging Technologies (F. Rosei).

Wree invited a total of 12 academicians from the European Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering to participate. They delivered speeches and exchanged views with local industrialists, researchers and engineers on their areas of expertise. Many constructive cooperation ideas and will follow up on to create better synergies between European countries and China.