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Alessandra Lanzara

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United States


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Alessandra Lanzara is the Charles Kittel Professor of Physics at the University of California Berkeley since 2002 and also hold an appointment with the Kavli Energy Nanoscience Institute and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She is the Founder and Director of the Center for Sustainable Materials and Innovation at UC Berkeley and is the Elected Chair of the American Physical Society (APS) Far West Section. Lanzara has made groundbreaking contributions in the field of quantum materials, the next generation materials which holds great promises to revolutionize the energy sector, and is recognized for her discovery of new interactions in high temperature superconductors, manipulation and control of spin current in topological materials using lasers and a novel method for synthesis of large wafer of graphene enabling its use in future electronics applications. She has coauthored more than 170 papers in prestigious scientific journals and hold 4 patents. Lanzara is also the founder of QuAD - Quantum Advanced Detection, a company that enables breakthrough research in quantum computing. Lanzara received Laurea in Physics in 1995 from University of Rome La Sapienza, and a Ph.D. in Physics and Materials Science from the same university in 1999. She was then a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University till 2002.