Augusto Marcelli

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Senior scientist at the Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati of the INFN since early 80’s he was involved in synchrotron radiation (SR) researches. He contributed to the construction of SR beamlines at ADONE, DAFNE and ESRF. In particular, he proposed and built the first Italian Infrared/THz SR beamline and was the scientist responsible for its operation till 2006. His research interests cover: correlation phenomena in x-ray absorption spectroscopy, circular magnetic x-ray dichroism investigations, x-ray absorption in elements of geophysical interest, dust and aerosol characterization and ultra-trace detection for indoor and outdoor environmental researches, FTIR microspectroscopy and imaging, time resolved concurrent experiments and SR instrumentation. In these four decades of activity he has been responsible of several experimental programs in different facilities all around the world: ALBA, BESSY, BSRF, Diamond, NSRL, PF, LURE, SSRL, SRS, UVSOR and ESRF. Since 2001 he cooperates with the Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing and several times has been Visiting Professor at the University of Science and Technology of China at Hefei. In 2018 he has been appointed as scientific expert on bilateral policies and activities for the internationalization of scientific and technological research of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from September 2022 he was appointed as Scientific Councellor at the Italian Embassy in Stockholm.