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Dr. Isaac Elishakoff serves as the Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering at Florida Atlantic University. He also holds a courtesy appointment as a Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He was born in Kutaisi, Republic of Georgia, Europe on February 9, 1944. Professor Elishakoff holds a Ph.D. in Dynamics and Strength of Machines from the Power Engineering Institute and Technical University in Moscow, Russia. Prior to joining the Florida Atlantic University, he taught one year in the Abkhazian University, Sukhumi, Republic of Georgia, and eighteen years at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. He also occupied several visiting positions. He was an inaugural holder of the Frank M. Freimann Chair Professorship of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana during academic year 1985/86; as well as the Henry J. Massman, Jr. Chair Professorship of Civil Engineering during the Fall Semester, 1986/87. He was a Visiting Castigliano Distinguished Professor in University of Palermo, Italy during March 1992. During the academic year 1979-80 he served as Visiting Associate Professor at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. In 1987, he served as a Visiting Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. In summers of 1990 and 1991, he was a Visiting Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, where in July 2000 served as an inaugural holder of the W. T. Koiter Chair Professorship (Mechanical Engineering Department); in the summer of 2005 and 2010 he served a Visiting Professor at the University of Rome, “La Sapienza” and University of Bologna, Italy. In summer 2007 he served a visiting Professor of Civil Engineering at the Ariel University Center, Israel. During December – January 1992 and December 2006 - February 2007 he served as the Fellow of the Japan Society for Promotion of Science, at the Universities of Tokyo and Kyoto, respectively. During April/May 2007 and December 2009/January 2010 and December 2010 he served as a Visiting Eminent Scholar at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, People’s Republic of China. In December 2013-january 2014 served as a Visiting Eminent Scholar at the Hunan University and Visiting Professor at the National University of Defense technology, China; in Spring semester 2014 he served as a Distinguished Professor at the Technion, Haifa, Israel. In summer 2015 he served a Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering at the University of Southampton, UK. In June 2019 he served as the S.P. Timoshenko Scholar at Stanford University. Elishakoff is a recipient of the Bathsheva de Rothschild Prize (1973),Worcester Reed Warner Medal of ASME (2016) and Blaise Pascal Medal (2121) of European Academy of Sciences, as well as Fellowships from the German Academic Exchange Office, and the National Technical Foundation of the Netherlands. He was presented special medallions of the University of Notre Dame, and of the University of Tokyo. During the years 1996-2002 he was appointed as an ASME Distinguished Lecturer. He is the author or co-author of 19 books, editor or co-editor of 14 monographs, and author of over 570 scientific papers.