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Texas A&M University

Dr. Virender K. Sharma received his Ph.D. from Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS), University of Miami in 1989. He is currently a University Distinguished Professor and Professor at the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, School of Public Health (SPH), Texas A&M University. He is also serving as the Director of the Environment and Sustainability Program at SPH. Dr. Sharma has made seminal contributions in the areas of chemistry and environmental applications of ferrate. Ferrate is an earth-abundant iron-based molecule, in which iron is in the plus 6-oxidation state (FeVIO42-), i.e., it is depleted of its electrons, and hence can serve as an advanced material to perform as an efficient surface disinfectant in hospital settings and as a water treatment oxidant. The patents on ferrate technology have been issued to Dr. Sharma in the United States and abroad and the developed technology has been licensed to private industries worldwide. Dr. Sharma has also performed pioneering research on engineered and natural nanoparticles in the environment. His research encompasses developing strategies to lower the levels of potentially toxic disinfection byproducts, arsenic, selenium, and lead in treatment processes. Dr. Sharma has made exceptional contributions in the field concerning the occurrence and remediation of toxins, antibiotics, antibiotics resistance bacteria and genes, and nanoparticles to address real-world challenges of water and food sustainability. The mission of Dr. Sharma is “Saving Lives even One Life”.

Currently, Dr. Sharma is serving as an associate editor or editorial member for several international journals. Dr. Sharma has published > 440 peer-reviewed journal publications, 60 book chapters, 36 proceedings, and has authored one and edited seven books. He is the most published researcher on ferrate in the world. Dr. Sharma has been recognized as Highly Cited Researcher (Top 1 %) by the Clarivate (Web of Science) and Google Scholar citations: >38,000; H-Index 93). He has been globally ranked top 25 in citations in the fields of environmental science, environmental chemistry, water treatment, and environmental health. His distinguished awards include Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society and Royal Society of Chemistry, Steven K. Dentel AEESP Award for Global Outreach, Bush Excellence Award for International Research, Faculty Excellence in Research by Florida Tech, Outstanding Chemist by the American Chemical Society (Orlando Section), Outstanding Distinguished Scientist Award by Sigma Xi (Texas A&M University Chapter), a recipient of an International Fellowship awarded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Invited Professorships in France and China. Dr. Sharma has given >220 invited/keynote presentations at universities/institutes on almost all continents of the world. In addition to distinguished accomplishments in environmental science and technology, Dr. Sharma is an excellent educator who has trained many undergraduate and graduate students. He is a great model for the young generation of scientists all over the world.