Membership Contribution


According to the decision of the Presidium the contributions are as follows: 

  • Annual Contribution renewal : 100 €
  • Annual Contribution renewal for Fellows older than 75 years old: 50 €
  • Lifetime contribution: 1500 €
  • Sponsoring companies annual contribution: 1000 €

Official invoices and official receipts available on demand.

Payment options

Please acknowledge that Checks and American Express Cards are no longer accepted for payment of EURASC dues.

We encounter security lack issue and high cost of transactions for the processing of such payments.

Thank you for your understanding.



– Wire Transfer

If you don’t have a credit card, you can pay by international bank transfer, on the following IBAN account number: 

IBAN: BE91 3400 6586 6876

Banque ING
4000 LIEGE

European Academy of Sciences
Boulevard de la Sauvenière 40

with the communication/object  : EURASC Contribution 2021 and “member’s name”W


The following information have to be sent to the EurASc Office by fax (+32 (0)4 254.18.16) or by email (

     Name of card holder

     Credit card number

     Expiration date

     Amount to charge

– Paypal

If you choose Paypal, maybe you will have the page “404 not found”. In this case, please do not try again, it could have worked. Please send an email to

Important : To use paypal you must have an account.

To create an account and register you will be asked your credit card information.
Unfortunately PayPal is not authorized to operate in some countries.
If you cannot find your country of residence in the list, please use the International Bank Transfer method.
Thank you. 

Classic contribution : 100,00 €

Reduced contribution : 50,00€ (if you are older than 75)

Lifetime contribution : 1500,00 €

Sponsor company contribution : 1000,00 €

Make your choice and click on “Acheter” (“Buy now”)

Contribution renewal

If some of your payments are missing, you can pay them here:

If some of your payments are missing, you can pay them here:

Membership Contribution 2022 = 100 euro
Membership Contribution 2020 = 100 euro
Membership Contribution 2018 = 75 euro
Membership Contribution 2017 = 75 euro
Membership Contribution 2016 = 75 euro