Presentation of the Victor Grignard – Georg Wittig Prize of the GDCh to Anne-Marie Caminade

Anne-Marie Caminade received the Victor Grignard-Georg Wittig Prize on November 21 at the University of Saarbrucken (Germany)

Anne-Marie Caminade, deputy director of the Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (LCC-CNRS) in Toulouse since 2021, is a research director of exceptional class (DRCE CNRS).
She is active in the field of phosphorus dendrimers. This research axis, initiated by Anne-Marie Caminade, finds its main fields of application in catalysis, materials science and biology/nanomedicine.
Its scientific production is remarkable. It maintains numerous national and international collaborations.

The Victor Grignard-Georg Wittig Conference is a cooperation between the German Chemical Society and the French Chemical Society. Grignard and Wittig – two great names in chemistry, both Nobel Prize winners in chemistry.
Victor Grignard was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1912 together with Paul Sabatier for his discovery of alkylmagnesium compounds, named after Grignard’s compounds. These compounds play a major role in organic chemistry. Georg Wittig and Herbert Charles Brown received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1979 for their discovery of the Wittig reaction which bears his name. This allows the synthesis of alkenes by reacting aldehydes or ketones with ylides.
In 1994 the first Victor Grignard – Georg Wittig conference took place. The winner was Jean-Pierre Majoral from Toulouse, France. Since then, renowned chemists from Germany and France are regularly awarded.

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Text: LCC