Prof. Jeanne Crassous awarded with CNRS silver medal2023

CNRS silver medal2023

Research director at the Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes, where she explores different aspects of chirality.

Jeanne Crassous’ research revolves around enantiomers, pairs of molecules made up of the same atoms, but whose 3D structure is the mirror image of each other. The phenomenon is called chirality. Jeanne Crassous has been following this path since obtaining a doctorate in organic chemistry in 1996. It gradually focused on helicenes. These helical molecules interact with light and modify its polarization, ie the orientation of the electromagnetic wave carried by the beam, and this differently depending on whether their helix turns to the right or to the left. This “chiroptic” property makes them interesting candidates for organic light-emitting diodes, or systems coded like watermarks.

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Text by: CNRS website