Philosophies of Structural Safety and Reliability

Philosophies of Structural Safety and Reliability

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Philosophies os Structural Safety and Reliability

by Issac Elishakoff
Book Description

Uncertainty is certain to be found in structural engineering, making it crucial to structure design. This book covers three competing philosophies behind structural safety and reliability: probabilistic analysis, fuzzy set-based treatments, and the convex approach.

Explaining the theory behind probabilistic analysis, fuzzy set-based treatments, and the convex approach in detail, alongside their implementation, use, and benefits, the book compares and contrasts these methods, enabling the reader to solve problems associated with uncertainty. These uncertainty issues can be seen in civil engineering structures, risk of earthquakes, impact of rough seas on ships, and turbulence affecting aerospace vehicles. Building on the authors’ many years of experience in the field, Philosophies of Structural Safety and Reliability is an essential guide to structural uncertainty. Topics covered in the book include properties of materials and their structural deterioration, safety factor and reliability, risk evaluation and loads, and their combinations.

This book will be of interest to students and professionals in the fields of aerospace, civil, mechanical, marine, and ocean engineering.

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International interdisciplinary summer school : “the neurobiology of emotions and the feelings”

International interdisciplinary summer school : “the neurobiology of emotions and the feelings”

The Forum Scientiarum of the University of Tübingen is organizing an one-week International Interdisciplinary Summer School on “The Neurobiology of Emotions and Feelings”: with António Damásio (University of Southern California, USA) and Sabine Döring (University of Tübingen, Germany). The summerschool will take place during this year`s Unseld Lectures with the Lecturer António Damásio.
For further information about the Unseld Lectures as well as the workshop please see the call for applications on our website

We ask you to circulate the call within your institutions mailinglists and, if possible, would appreciate the call´s publication on your website in order to reach all prospective participants of a wide range of scientific disciplines and fields of specialization.

Application Deadline: February 20th, 2014.

The interdisciplinary summer school will take place at the Forum Scientiarum of Tübingen University, from June 2nd – June 6th, 2014. During the summer school, twenty graduate students and junior scientists from all over the world will have the opportunity to discourse concepts of feelings and emotions with this year′s Unseld lecturer António Damásio and our second lecturer Sabine Döring. The participants will also attend the Unseld Lecture held by António Damásio and an interdisciplinary colloquium, both open to the public.